Subject: Re: Question about installation on MacOS
From: Ondřej Jirman
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:09:02 +0200

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 11:19:38PM -0400, Ng Jia Neng wrote:
> Hi there,
> Thank you so much for creating the megatools package. I am running MacOS and
> I tired to install the latest package
> from , but was unsure of the
> commands to run to install the package...
> In particular, i have downloaded megatools-1.11.0-git-20200830.tar.gz and have
> extracted the compressed file. In terminal, i have cd -ed into the directory
> and tried various commands like ./, and things like "make"
> / "make install" etc, but none of them are working. I have read the readme,
> but could not find specific instructions for macOS (the instruction for macOS
> is just the brew install instruction - which is not the latest experimental
> build).

> I have wondering if you could point me to the right command for the
> installation / potentially include it in the readme so noobs like me would be
> able to proceed haha.

Sorry, I don't know much about macOS. All this infromation and macOS build you
mentioned was contributed by other users.

Presumably it should be possible to just edit the brew file that describes the
build and change the version there and rebuild. But I don't know anything about
how brew works either.


> Thank you so much again! May you have a fantastic week ahead!
> Sincerely,
> JN