Subject: New option and encoding support
From: Jiří Podhorský
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 18:57:49 +0200

I would like to add new option.
I have seen the commands of megatools are trying again and again the
same procedure even there is no connection, co it will always fail.

I have created script for sync file using megatools for android in
termux, but this repeating trying is not good for the script.
I will do my own while loop and test for connection, but I need the
command finish the operation, so I don't have to somehow kill it in

Also, I would be glad, if different encoding is supported. Now I can
now see, some symbols not in standard 128 char ascii is replaced by
numbers without escape sequence. Some of the files I wanted to upload
has name in non-standard ascii and I don't know how to upload them.


Best regards,
Jiri Podhorsky