Subject: Documentation bugs
From: Thangalin
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 22:27:59 -0800

The README instructions are missing steps:

$ wget{,.asc}
$ gpg --verify megatools-1.10.2.tar.gz.asc
gpg: directory '/home/mega/.gnupg' created
gpg: keybox '/home/mega/.gnupg/pubring.kbx' created
gpg: assuming signed data in 'megatools-1.10.2.tar.gz'
gpg: Signature made Tue 31 Jul 2018 04:53:23 AM PDT
gpg:                using RSA key 9AB138B20691621CD4CF92026E6426C677CFEFF1
gpg: Can't check signature: No public key
$  cd megatools-1.10.2
-bash: cd: megatools-1.10.2: No such file or directory

The instructions are missing the tar xf command before "cd" works:

$ tar xf megatools-1.10.2.tar.gz

It's a poor security practice to put a program's binary directory
ahead of the system directory in the PATH. Prefer:

export MEGA_HOME="$HOME/.local"

Next, part of the build instructions in the README instructions won't
work verbatim with the latest release (1.11.x) because the ./configure
script is missing. Maybe break the build instructions out of the
README into a separate BUILD file.