From: Ethan Dalool
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2020 00:42:48 -0800


First of all, thank you for megatools. I think it's the best software of
its kind for interacting with mega.


I'm having some trouble using megaput to upload files with Unicode
characters in the filename. It gives me this error:


> D:\software\megatools\1.10.2\megaput.exe --config mega.ini


ERROR: Upload failed for 'C:\outbox\?????.zip': Can't read local file
C:\outbox\?????.zip: Error opening file C:\outbox\?????.zip: Invalid


I notice that the Unicode characters are being replaced by ? even though
Powershell is capable of displaying them, which leads me to believe that
somewhere internally, megaput is escaping the filename, converting out-of-
page characters to ? prior to upload, and then choking on it. I know that
many programs do this kind of escaping for display purposes but clearly
this escaped name shouldn't be going to the upload routine.


I hope this issue will be simple to resolve, and if I can provide anything
else to make it easier please let me know.