Subject: Re: Help needed
From: Benjamin Goetz
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 10:21:06 -0600
Thank you for your email.

is there a way to change my password through megatools? Can I get my
masterkey somehow. I am sure you are right about the special unicode
characters. Because I interpreted the syntax of the command wrong now my
password has " " wrapped around them. Apparently those are not the standard
Do you think I can recover the password somehow? Like I said megatools is
able to connect at the moment.
Really appreciate it.


On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 10:01 AM Ondřej Jirman <> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 09:39:28AM -0600, Benjamin Goetz wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have registered and verified an mega account using the megareg
> command. I
> > have also created a ./.megarc config file including my username and
> > password.
> > The ls and df command are working fine. When I try to login to
> > using the website in a browser copying the credentials from the ./.megarc
> > it says invalid email address or password. I can not download a recovery
> > key if I can not log into the webinterface. What should I do? I
> appreciate
> > your help.
> Sorry, I have no idea how to login to their website. It worked just fine a
> year
> ago with accounts created with megareg. Maybe you have some special unicode
> characters in your password, that the website is interpretting differently.
> I'm not sure what a recovery key is. I haven't really tracked changes in
> mega's
> API since they removed documentation for it.
> All you need for recovery is to save the password somewhere. The master key
> is derived from it. There was no "recovery key" when I wrote megatools.
> regards,
>         o.
> > Regards
> > Benjamin Goetz