Subject: Problems uploading with Megatools
From: Alfonso De Leon
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2021 12:30:33 -0600
I use Mega with the 8 TB Plan. Since a few days ago when I backup my files
with version [megatools-1.11.0-git-20210505-win64], I received an error:
API call 'p' failed: HTTP POST failed: CURL error: SSL connect error

megatools.exe put --username MyEmail --password MyPsw --path MyMegapath

I use Win Server 2019 64 Bits, but this happened too with Win Xp SP 3 32
Bits and megatools-1.11.0-git-20191107-winxp and

I download the latest version of Megatools from


I have no problems if I upload the file via web browser.


I would appreciate if you could guid me whit this error.

Thanks in Advance.