Subject: Megatools pn Win 2003 Sp3
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 14:03:05 -0700
I use Mega with the 2 TB Plan. I make backups on computers that still have
Windows XP Service Pack 3. I backup them with Megatools (megaget and
megaput). However, for a few weeks I cannot connect to the account through
Megatools. Example: When uploading a file with megaput.exe (with its
connection parameters and other data to upload the file), I get the error:
ERROR: Can't login to API call 'us' failed: HTTP POST failed: CURL
error: SSL connect error

If I enter the account via the browser, I can upload and download files
without problem. But through megatools I can automate the upload and
download of backup files.

On computers that have another Operating System superior to Windows Xp Sp 3,
the process is carried out without problems.

I would appreciate if you could guide me with this error.


Thanks in advance.