Subject: megadf error after successful megareg
From: David T-G
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 02:05:49 -0400
Hi, all --

I was delighted to finally be able to install megatools on my little Win8
netbook so that I could set up a new account that will work with megatools
on my forthcoming Linux box.  Yay!  I used the Chocolatey install and was
able to successfully

  megareg --register


  megareg --verify

and get the "Welcome to Mega" letter.  All's well, right?

I tried to connect on my Android phone and got an account / password
failure error.  I scrolled back through my history and confirmed the data
I used, but trying again still failed.

OK, then...  I went back to the netbook and tried


with the same creds and again got a failure.  Arrrgh!  I tried adding

  --debug api

and saw a 'us' failure with an ENOENT error.

How shall I proceed?

Thanks in advance & have a great day

David T-G