Subject: Create folder with original name when downloading a public folder
From: Marco Hemmelrath
Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 23:04:38 +0200
Hello Ondrej,

for my primary use case of downloading public folders via megatools, I'd
very much like to have the option to have megatools create the target
folder based on the original folder name. Currently, to properly
namespace my downloads I have to make up my own folder names for each
download link, because

1. it's practically impossible to copy the folder name from the browser,
2. I have to open the URL in my browser and have all that JS load first
before the folder name is even visible,
3. having to copy both the URL and the folder name to my terminal is
rather cumbersome if it wasn't so terrible already.

A similar thing has been discussed at before, but unlike that
request I'm looking for megatools to infer the target folder name by
itself. Personally, I'd also be fine with getting the name of the public
folder via other means, but I didn't find any suitable quick method and
I believe this feature to be in the interest of other megatools users, too.

Thanks for the tool. It's already very useful as-is.


PS: Did you stop updating your git at
There haven't been any commits to it for 7 months despite a new
experimental build being available since this month.