Subject: Re: Undecrypted files
From: Ondřej Jirman
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 10:33:29 +0200

On Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 11:23:11PM -0500, John Oyler wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm trying to upload files to a shared folder. These files are available
> and look/work normally to my own account when logged in, but others who try
> to see the content only see "undecrypted file".
> If I move these to another folder, and back to the original in the web app,
> they then become available. But it defeats the purpose of command line
> tools and scripting.
> Other unsanctioned mega tools (the Python library, rclone, etc) seem to
> have similar hiccups, so I doubt that this is megatools' fault... but I was
> hoping that someone here might have insight into what's causing the problem
> and if it can be worked around.

Uploading to shared folders is not supported on megatools. Only exports

kind regards,

> Thanks,
> John O.